Best guide to buy Ac For your home

Right now, summer is at its hottest in India. North India is on fire, and other parts of India are also seeing the mercury rise. This is when air conditioners come in to help and provide some relief.

India Today Tech is a blog that focuses on smartphones and other cool gadgets. Guess what? It’s the coolest gadget of all. The air-conditioner is it. This time, we wanted to look at ACs in India and what people should do with them. These are five things to remember when shopping for ACs. These air conditioner buying tips and guides will help you find the right one for your budget.

Get better energy efficiency. Higher ratings mean lower electricity bills

An air conditioner can significantly increase your monthly electricity bill. It’s not hard to see. An AC that uses less energy and meets your needs should be preferred. How do you find the energy efficiency rating? Here is where the start rating comes in.

Star ratings range from star 1 through star 5. The star rating indicates how much power the AC consumes. A 5 start AC will use less power than a 3 start AC. This is why it is a good idea to keep this in mind when you go shopping for an AC.

There is another thing to be aware of, and that is the Inverter ACs. These ACs, at least in theory, use less power than ACs that use conventional cooling plants. In some cases, the effect can be quite dramatic. This is why the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), a government agency, rates inverter ACs separately. This means that in most cases, a 3-star AC inverter will use less power than a 5-star AC.

This is a good thing to remember, even though inverter ACs are a little more expensive than regular ACs.

Cooling Capacity – Size Matters

This is an important point to remember. If you miss this, your ACs may feel inadequate or chill your room so much that it feels like you are living at the north pole. A good 1 ton AC will suffice for rooms measuring 100-120 square feet. A 1.5 ton AC is recommended for rooms measuring around 175x175x1. You can go on and on. You will also save electricity by choosing the right size AC.

The basics are more important than marketing and features

The most important parts in ACs are the ones that companies don’t talk much about. It is easier for companies to sell products based on cool features rather than promising quality, which may be more expensive. Asking AC manufacturers about the type of coils they use in their ACs is a good way to determine the quality of the AC. Although they are more expensive than aluminium coils, copper coils offer superior performance and reliability. Ask your AC manufacturer to tell you how efficient the AC is when it is exposed to extreme heat or when the sun is directly hitting it. ACs of high quality will be able to withstand extreme temperatures better than lower quality ACs. However, ACs of lower quality will not withstand extreme heat and consume more power.

Take into account the noise level and the area where the AC will fit

Split ACs are becoming more common these days. If you have a window AC, it is possible for the noise to disturb your sleep. You should still check the AC for noise. This is applicable to both indoor and outdoor units. You prefer ACs that produce less noise.

Also, be sure to know exactly where your AC will be placed before you purchase it. This will avoid aesthetic problems, especially in India, where ACs are often left unattended in homes and the installation process can be quite amateurish for even the most well-respected brands such as LG and Daikin. This will help you find the AC that suits your needs best.

Never worry about aftersales

ACs are complex machines that have complex mechanical technology. Even if they’re working well, ACs still need to be serviced. Look for an AC company that is known for providing excellent service, especially in your local area. Ask dealers if you have any questions about an AC company’s service history. Call the AC brand customer service centre to make any inquiries. Also, you shouldn’t buy an AC just because it looks good. It’s because you love it, and it will be serviced at affordable prices after you buy it. Don’t buy ACs from a brand if you don’t know what to do after the sale.

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